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24 An American in Stratford upon Avon
23 Layered in the mist Offenham
22 Westgate and Lord Leycester Hospital Warwick
21 6 trees at dawn
20 Pink mists Salford Priors
19 Straw bales Peopleton
18 Autumn mooring Stratford upon Avon
17 Shakespeares new theatre
16 The colour purple
15 Rowing boats Stratford upon Avon
14 Burton Dassett pepperpot
13 The church on the hill Chesterton
12 Chesterton Windmill
11 Accordian Players
10 Lavendar mist Snowshill
09 Pleasure boats Stratford upon Avon
08 Riverside reflections Stratford upon Avon
07 Wisteria cottages
06 All Saints Wroxton
05 Over the hill
04 Ursula and friends
03 Broadway Tower Fish Hill
02 Chesterton windmill sunset silhouette
01 Horse Chestnuts at dawn Shotteswell
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