Local Landscapes

What counts as local in an increasingly connected world - well for the purpose of this gallery I've drawn a line about 30 miles from my home town, Stratford upon Avon, and decided that photographically speaking it's local enough for me!

The images in this gallery contain South Warwickshire, The Northern Cotswolds, The River Avon valley and the numerous market towns and quintessential villages that make up this area.
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L84 Country pub Ilmington
L73 Bean Field Chesterton Windmill
L72 Bancroft Basin Stratford on Avon
L71 Yellow and Blue Hatton Rock
L70 Towards Holy Trinity Stratford on Avon
L69 Anne Hathaways Cottage Shottery
L68 White washed cottage Shottery
L67 Muted morning Stratford upon Avon
L66 Holy Trinity Stratford upon Avon
L51 Thatched cottage Welford upon Avon
L65 Yellow and Blue Hatton Rock
L64 Magnolia glory Stratford on Avon
L63 Spring evening on the River Avon
L35 Pre dawn sky
L43 Shakespeare birthplace Stratford upon Avon
L56 Winter on the River Avon
L42 River reflections at dawn Stratford upon Avon
L58 Wroxton village church
L53 Towards Holy Trinity Stratford upon Avon
L50 Sunset across Charlecote Park
L37 River Avon boats at dawn
L57 Winter riverside
L47 Stratford upon Avon white boats
L39 River Dene autumnal morning
L15 Chesterton Windmill
L32 Morning calm Stratford upon Avon
L54 Tree shadow Hampton Lucy
L23 Guild Chapel Stratford upon Avon
L61 St Giles Chesterton
L52 Towards Hampton Lucy
L46 St Peter and St Paul Long Compton
L29 Kenilworth Castle frosty morning
L49 Summertime
L55 Village life Welford on Avon
L22 Golden moorings Stratford upon Avon
L45 Snowy beech trees
L41 River festival
L27 Holy Trinity Stratford upon Avon
L06 Autumnal reflections towards Holy Trinity
L24 Halls Croft Stratford upon Avon
L28 Holy Trinity autumnal riverbank
L31 Long Compton Warwickshire
L36 Reflections Warmington
L60 Loxley church
L11 Chain ferry across the river Stratford upon Avon
L13 Chesterton windmill orange and black sky
L26 Holy Trinity and wheatfield Stratford upon Avon
L59 Winter morning Charlecote Park
L12 Chesterton Windmill afterglow
L10 Canal boats and the theatre Stratford upon Avon
L05 Autumn hay bales
L01 An afternoon on the river Stratford upon Avon
L04 Autumn church yard Alderminster
L07 Bidford bridge in the mist
L14 Chesterton windmill sunset silhouette
L16 Colin P Witter lock River Avon
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